Kurt Vile is giving away the digital version of his new EP for free.

Apparently Hotmail got a makeover, one flashy and qualitative enough to compete with Gmail.

AV Club interviews Will Forte, the talented actor behind the unfortunate "Macgruber".

They also look back on movie and TV characters with memorable tattoos.

Breitbart introduces us to the emo women of Saudi Arabia.

U2 canceled their gig at Glastonbury and postponed all North American dates to accommodate Bono's emergency back surgery. (Too long trying to carry the world on his shoulders?) Mastodon's summer tour is canceled too due to pancreatitis.

Never thought the "24" finale would air and I wouldn't watch it or even care about it. And apparently the end of "Law & Order" didn't merit some sort of hoo hah hype?

More "Lost" finale reaction: Salon says the show was ruined by its own fans, while Newsweek said anything but a polarizing ending would have been out of step with the show's legacy. The Wall Street Journal just tries to make sense of it all.

Drake's debut album will not be short on guest spots.

Who's down for a history of white rap?

Slipknot bassist Paul Gray is dead at age 38. R.I.P.

Lastly, the debut video from enjoyable but overhyped London lo-fi band Male Bonding, "Year's Not Long", which features a highly lusty version of male bonding if I do say so myself.