Bookmobile is the dream project of stalwart indie rocker Dan Bandman. He's been wanting to call a band Bookmobile since high school, but it wasn't until he careened into his 30s that he assembled enough songs he loved and musicians he trusted to bring this particular vision to life.

"The New Patriot" functions as a debut album and a career retrospective. Drummer Antonio Garza is moving to California for law school this fall, and Bandman has chosen not to carry on the band. What they're leaving behind is a surprisingly soft and tender set of indie rock tunes. A good portion of these songs are stripped down, but even Bookmobile's trademark melodic rockers bolstered by hefty doses of keyboard and major-key chord changes have a gooey emotional center thanks to Sean Gardner's warm, reflective vocals, a well-known element to any Columbus indie rock fan.

Download the thing for free, and if you dig it, hit up the release show Saturday, June 26 at Carabar.