Three-fourths of the ultra rad skate punk combo Heath Deadger have gone pop with New Creases. The trio already has a couple 7-inches and a robust summer tour lined up, and as mentioned in this morning's weekend music mega-post, they'll appear at RamaLamaFaFaFest at Cafe Bourbon Street Saturday night. (They go on at 10:30 p.m.)

The songs on New Creases' MySpace are uniformly solid, but I was particularly intrigued by the GTA Remix of "Wild Knives", which would fit in pretty well at one of the banging dance parties that will be going on in the Short North around the time New Creases take the stage in Washington Beach. The edits are smartly arranged and crisply executed, stitched together with the addition of shimmering neon synths and gurgling fuzz bass tones. The end result: What used to be a rambunctious pop-punk battering ram has been translated into an ace mid-tempo club track without a hitch. Hot stuff.