Rush Limbaugh may be getting his own biopic.

Pitchfork has a brilliant take on M.I.A. from the always insightful Nitsuh Abebe.

The AV Club staff discusses movies that deserve to be TV shows.

Fox stations face hefty FCC fines for an episode of "American Dad" that included a horse ejaculating.

Heard Andre 3000's Beatles cover in that new Kobe Bryant commercial?

Barbara Walters, thwarted! ABC won't let "The View" take over Oprah's time slot.

Haha, I knew somebody would edit together a version of "Lost" without the sideways storyline. I've been warming up to the way they wrapped things up, but I'm pretty intrigued to watch this stuff anyhow.

Should we be allowed to resell the music we buy?

The mayor of Portland now has a portrait of Isaac Brock on his wall.

After starting with the right wing, we end with the left. Here's an all-star version of "Hey Jude" with Barack Obama at the White House.