The new Big Boi album is streaming in full at MySpace.

Playboy sued Drake over the sample from "Best I Ever Had".

Want to hear new songs by Best Coast and The Thermals?

Slate has another installment of its enjoyable "Ads We Hate" feature.

Did you know the feds just busted a real-life Russian spy ring? I agree, a TV show about their exploits would be pretty cool.

Steve Carell wasn't kidding about planning to leave "The Office" after next season.

Are you ready for a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots movie? What about a Lego movie?

Speaking of robots, Paste has a list of pop cultural bots they'd send to clean up the Gulf oil spill.

EW has a list of books you can read for "Lost" resonance if you're missing the show. By the way, here's how it should have ended.

AV Club interviewed comedian Louis C.K.

NPR talked to Lauryn Hill.

"Glee" and "Modern Family" already have syndication deals.

Last but not least comes Rusko's video for "Hold On" featuring Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors.