OK, more like mid-afternoon links today...

EW lists the 25 biggest badass characters of the past two decades. Some of their choices are... questionable. Also, I would argue that Jack Bauer's most badass moment was when he shot his traitorous mentor's wife in the kneecap to get him to talk.

Slate wonders why there are suddenly so many Indians on television.

Tom Cruise is actually making a movie based around his gimmicky character from "Tropic Thunder".

I never get tired of reading about Drake.

My Morning Jacket will play each of its five albums in full in a series of charity shows this October in NYC.

So bands can buy Facebook friends and Twitter followers now?

The Quietus has an interview with Atari Teenage Riot.

Not bad TV ratings for the Stanley Cup Finals this year.

Did you know America had a flourishing professional soccer league in the 1920s?

John Stamos is joining the cast of "Glee".

John McCain and Snooki are now Twitter pals?

We finish with a video from prolific Bay Area rockers Thee Oh Sees. It's called "Meat Step Lively".