Biggest show of the night and maybe biggest of the month is MGMT, who remain one of music's most compelling stories this year even as fans rush to jump off the bandwagon. "Congratulations" is a head-scratcher for sure, but I'm not convinced that's a bad thing, at least not with as much certainty as when they debuted the tunes at Bonnaroo or when the "Flash Delirium" video hit of when I talked to drummer Will Berman last month for this feature.

Do I wish they had written another song like "Kids"? Depends on what you mean by that. Nobody needs carbon copies of MGMT's hits though I'm sure plenty of other bands are rushing to fulfill that task right this second and "Congratulations" is a more satisfying listen than I was initially willing to give it credit for. But I do hope this new album represents MGMT getting something ornery out of their system and they return to releasing era-defining pop music some time soon. At this point I'm not sure we even need one Of Montreal, much less two.

As for them not playing "Kids" (or "Time To Pretend" or "Electric Feel" or whichever hits MGMT decides to omit on a given night), well, that's pretty damn unforgivable, and Berman's remarks about not wanting to be another Chumbawumba are entirely preposterous. Dudes better not mess with Columbus tonight.

Opening the festivities at LC Pavilion, 405 Neil Ave., will be Tame Impala, the Aussie psych-rockers who sound nothing like Wolfmother despite what you've heard. They're much more dreamy, with spaced-out vocals that remind me of Marc Bolan and John Lennon at various turns and an expansive, diverse musical palette that sounds exactly like I want psychedelic pop music to sound in 2010. I listened to debut "Innerspeaker" for the first time yesterday and it instantly became an album of the year contender. Be sure to get there early and check them out. Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $30.

EDIT: MGMT just debuted a new video for "It's Working". Have a look-see...