Tonight's top show stars extreme metal Nachtmystium at Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave. Somebody who knows a lot more about metal than me explained that these dudes alienated black metal purists by incorporating psych influences, and from the sounds of their MySpace tracks, I'm glad they said to hell with the purists because this stuff is dark, devious and, well, kind of poppy. Not so poppy are tonight's openers, Locusta and Bastards, who'll make it worth your while to show up early. 9 p.m. doors, and like all Carabar shows this is free.

Another cool show tonight: Circus, 1227 N. High St., has a really solid roundup of new local indie and punk bands featuring mathy instrumental rockers Lemia Belus, Albini-fried 90s gritmasters Speed Governor, dubbed-out indie pop crew Steamboat and post-hardcore throwbacks Hurt People Hurt People. 9 p.m. start; $5 cover.