Weird can be wonderful, and there was a wonderfully weird double-bill at the LC last night with Gogol Bordello and Primus. Great potential, mixed results.

I was a Gogol Bordello virgin, but Iíve heard fantastic things about their live show from, well, anyone who has ever seen their live show. And now Iím a convert.

This gypsy-punk business is so infectious someone should call the CDC. The band is so multi-ethnic, itís like watching the whole world get together for a jam. The magnificently moustached Eugene Hutz is more ringleader than frontman, and the whole experience comes off like a fantastic Eastern European wedding celebration.

Gogol Bordello also joined the growing list of acts to dedicate a song to Andyman. Great touch, and I donít think Iím ever going to get tired of bands doing this.

The runway was oiled and ready for Primus for finish out a joy-soaked evening. Iíve seen them, I donít know, maybe four times over the years, and I know them to be quite capable of this.

Les Claypool took the stage in a comical stovepipe hat and thick round glasses, looking like a cross between Abe Lincoln and Elvis Costello. The crowd was primed and ready and about to experience a letdown.

About four songs into the set in a moment of typical drunken douchebaggery, someone chucked a beer bottle onstage. Claypool, noticeably and understandably miffed, cut short a rendition of ďAmerican Life,Ē saying ďItís too bad. I really like that song.Ē

Things snowballed from there. Claypool got pissy, the performance got more and more lackluster, and the setlist became increasingly devoid of anything anyone was there to hear. Claypoolís surliness was as infectious as Hutzís enthusiasm earlier.

Late in the evening, Claypool acknowledged his foul mood with a half-hearted apology, citing the earlier bottle incident as the reason heís been reluctant to dust off Primus while chiding the crowd for not showing up to see his other (lesser) projects.

Addressing the bottle-chucker, Claypool said, ďWhoever that was, I hope they had a really sh--ty concert.Ē Thanks to you, Les, so did a few thousand other people. I wish he had just conceded the stage back to Gogol Bordello for the rest of the night.