(Ed Matthews/Dispatch photo)

"Please don't suck!"

A friend's "I'm at Weezer" Twitter update says it all. The asthmatic arena-rock geeks have released their share of non-essential albums in recent years, and I shared Chris DeVille's reluctance to think that they would bring back the good ol' days. After all, cover bands are popping up to cater to the "Blue Album and Pinkerton only" crowd including locals The Pinkertones and Toronto's awesomely named, all-female Sheezer.

Happy news: When Weezer busts out the hits, they still bust out the fun, and they funned all over a clearly enthused crowd in the shadow of the Butter Cow at the Ohio State Fair on Saturday night.

I was merely a curious tagalong, filling in on a friend's unclaimed ticket, and I ended up with grin-pains in my cheeks.

Rivers Cuomo and company rolled and shimmied through a setlist that kicked off with the riff-errific "Hash Pipe" and generously dosed us with nearly everything you absolutely had to hear. By my count, there were five tracks from the seminal Blue album and my personal favorite, Pinkerton's "El Scorcho." "The redhead said you shred the cello, and I'm Jell-o, baby!" Indeed.

My fears of a weak setlist were clearly unfounded, and even seemingly mediocre new offerings like "Can't Stop Partying" bounced as exuberantly as Rivers on his onstage mini-trampoline.

In fact, one of the highlights of the evening involved the Weeze turning to a track from a band who often refuses to quench their own fans' hit-thirst, a joyously fun cover of MGMT's "Kids."

But wait, it gets better. Cuomo donned a blonde wig and incorporated a breakdown from Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," then back to MGMT? Effin' brilliant!

By the time they wrapped things up with all five band members joining in a post-"Buddy Holly" drum "solo" that Motley Crue probably wishes it thought of, it was official. I fell in love with Weezer and their nerdy take on arena rock all over again.

Suck they did not.

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