It's a slow news day on the interwebs, so good ol' Boyz II Men are getting some love (Today's most popular video is of two corgis on a treadmill, and Ben Bernanke is trending on Twitter). The crooning '90s boy band is holding a romantic Boyz II Men cruise the week of Valentine's Day to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a group, and presumably because they need cash to take their own sweethearts out.

Beyond a couple of intimate concerts and a photo-op, cruisers have a chance to renew their vows with the Boyz present, and they can attend a "formal prom night." How sad, both for the people who would want to go on the cruise and for the boy band itself. Was their actual prom not good enough? Do the Boyz have no less-pathetic means of making money? Although it could be the perfect opportunity to do a mashup of "Water Runs Dry" and "I'm on a Boat."