Back in April, Alive's G.A. Benton wrote about Columbus' burgeoning taco truck scene, largely clustered on the West Side and documented on the site

Since then, prolific food blogger Bethia Woolf has started offering guided tours of some of the West Side taco trucks through her new Columbus Food Adventures company (she also leads tours of Short North eateries and ethnic places up on 161).

I got a chance to take a taco truck tour on Friday night, aka the most gorgeous August night in recent memory. Our group boarded a van and made stops at five trucks, sampling specialties and learning a bit of history from our guide, Woolf.

These tours are great for people who are a little hesitant to jump into the world of food trucks alone. Plus, you get recommendations from Bethia and her boyfriend Andy, the van driver, on what are the best things to order from each truck. And the foods you'll try are pretty addictive. Here's proof: My friend Amy, who accompanied me on the tour, headed back out to four of the trucks on her own the very next day!

First stop, Taqueria Little Mexico

Mexican pork taco with canteloupe-flavored agua fresca, a wonderfully refreshing juice that tasted just exactly like a ripe canteloupe

Columbus Food Adventures van

Los Guachos, home of the Gringa. It's right outside of El Volcan Disco.

The amazing Gringa, with al pastor (pork grilled on a spit), pineapple & caramelized mozzarella

Taqueria Jalisco II lives in a Shell parking lot.

Drinking horchata.

Mulita with chorizo

Part of the menu at Taqueria Jalisco II

Next stop, Los Potosinos.

Flautas w/ pork. Toasty and delicious.

Alambre, a fajitas-type dish with beef, bacon, peppers, mozzarella and diced hot dogs served on corn tortillas. I must admit I'm very much not a hot dog person, and so this one was a challenge.

Enchilada Potosinas. More similar to an empenada, but they soak the tortillas in salsa before cooking. Quite tasty, and look at that wonderful avocado!

Our final stop, Las Delicias, sits in the parking lot for "A Gentleman's Club." As you might have guessed, it's a gentleman's club.

Dessert at Las Delicias. Coconut nieve, a frozen dessert kind of like sorbet.