Columbus seemingly can't get enough of Matt and Kim. And, apparently, neither can I.

The overwhelmingly perky duo was just in town a little over a month ago for CD101's Summerfest. I had previously shrugged off their punky keyboards-and-drums dance music, but I found them pretty much impossible to resist live.

So was Columbus ready for another dose so soon? Yep. Sold-out crowd at the Newport on Friday.

I've found their music underwhelming on disc, in part because it isn't accompanied by the tooth-shattering grins that the pair seem to wear non-stop. Their energy is almost exhausting but in a good way.

The best part is that their cheerful enthusiasm doesn't feel like a put-on at all. The squished and smiling crowd on the Newport floor can attest to that.

Matt plays MC and ringleader to a bouncing crowd, leading a singalong to Biz Markie's "Just a Friend" that made the entire Newport feel ilke the back of the cab in that beer commercial. Kim pounds the absolute crap out her sparse little drumkit and keeps the dance party percolating.

They feel a bit like the most fun lounge act ever, only earnestly sincere. And if they want to come back every month, I think Columbus will be down with that.