Yup, that's pretty much how I felt when they canceled "Lone Star"

It's official, the best new network show has been canceled after only two episodes. And, two very good episodes at that. Apparently no one was watching "Lone Star" which is a shame, but only giving it two episodes is hardly fair--especially in a time slot against ABC's juggernaut "Dancing with the Stars." I'm not sure what is more disappointing, that no one watched "Lone Star" or that people can't get enough of psuedo-celebrities dancing badly in atrocious costumes.

Sorry, pardon my digression on dancing buffoons. "Lone Star" felt like a cable series, but Fox wanted to put on it's network instead of their better suited cable outlet FX. I'll give them credit for trying to bring a quality drama to network audiences, but never giving it a full shot feels like Fox had reversed positions before it even aired the pilot.

Well, "Lone Star" creator Kyle Killen can now focus his efforts solely on "The Beaver" movie he scripted. It's getting some buzz being directed by Jodi Foster and starring Mel Gibson. Unfortunately for Killen, Mel's recent troubles have postponed it's release and it looks like it may never see theaters.

Anyway, replacing "Lone Star" will be "Lie to Me" starring Tim Roth, better known as Mr. Orange. I think "Lie to Me" also sucks, but then again, what do I know? Enjoy Bristol Palin doing the tango, America.