You may recall Alive is throwing a massive music festival called Rocktoberfest from 3-11 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 2 at South Campus Gateway. It's the release party for the wondrous compilation album you see above, fresh from the manufacturing plant. Make sure to stop by the Gateway on 'fest day and pick one up. Stick around to watch some bands too, of course.


1. New Creases - "The Inevitable" 2. Way Yes - "Cinnamon" 3. P. Blackk - "In the House" feat. Raz Fresco 4. Phantods - "Creature" 5. Old Hundred - "A Thousand Times" 6. The Spruce Campbells - "Black Sunbeams" 7. Fly.Union - "Winter Summer" 8. Exwhites - "I'm Not" 9. Andrew Graham and Swarming Branch - "Take It Easy On Kathy, At Least She Can Dance" 10. The Wet Darlings - "Bicycle" 11. L.e for the Uncool - "Late 4 That" 12. Joey Hebdo - "Prosciutto" 13. The Floorwalkers - "You've Got To Learn" 14. Super Desserts - "Hey Operator" 15. Shin Tower Music - "Geranium Tangents" 16. Saintseneca - "Grey Flag"