“The Good Wife” received many positive accolades from last year’s inaugural season, mainly for star Julianna Margulies, but whenever it comes on I just get a big case of the yawns.

Maybe it’s the mix of premises done to death on network television—political and criminal lawyer drama with a hint of family crisis—that does nothing to keep me interested despite good performances from Margulies and Chris Noth as husband and wife struggling to keeping their marriage together.

Last season revolved around Noth’s Peter, a former State’s Attorney, getting embroiled in a political scandal involving corruption and sexual escapades with prostitutes while his wife Alicia (Margulies) dutifully stood by his side while having feelings for her boss, Will (Josh Charles). And, each week Alicia and her lawyer co-workers would work a case in a typical courtroom procedural format.

There are slightly more ins and outs to the series, but that’s the bulk of it, and just writing that out makes me…zzzzzzzz.

Sorry, I’m back from my nap and fully refreshed to discuss tonight’s premiere. Last season’s finale left us wondering if Alicia would go with her heart and choose Will or stand by her man and stay with Peter as gets back in the politico game.

Well, the questions gets answered (sort of) and we get more of what made “The Good Wife” utterly dull—criminal case pseudo-whodunit and some drama about Peter’s philandering past as he tries to make good with his wife. And, Alicia and Will have uncomfortable sexual tension.

So, I don’t necessarily get the critical praise for “The Good Wife,” but since it hits a bunch of popular TV narratives, I do see why it has an audience. I just won’t be part of it, unless I need some shuteye.

“The Good Wife” 10 p.m. Tuesdays on CBS 1½ stars (3 ½ for napping)