First off, I’ll admit to participating in fantasy football—I know I’m lame. But, when “The League” rolled out its first season last fall I ignored it. A comedy solely based on the antics of hardcore fantasy players also seemed lame.

Much to my chagrin, I was informed by numerous people it was a funny new comedy mainly because “The League” was less about drafts, sleepers, and the waiver wire and more about thirty-something friends acting like children.

Season two’s first episode is fairly fantasy football centric and still worth a few good chuckles. The gang heads off to Vegas for their draft and in a nice bit of hijinks league commissioner Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi) decrees the first pick to the one who successfully navigates security checkpoint at the airport first.

The funniest stuff is still material outside fantasy football—Taco’s (Jon Lajoie) slothful stoner lifestyle, the group’s whipping boy Andre (“Human Giant’s” Paul Scheer) and most notably Ruxin’s (Nick Kroll) misguided arrogance. Also, the back-and-forth between Kevin and his wife (Katie Aselton) is excellent.

While the first two episodes contain more fantasy than I wanted, they’re still worth a look. Being aware of references isn’t necessary and if you enjoy the gang from “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”—which precedes “The League” Thursday nights—you’ll laugh at these guys…just not quite as much.

“The League” 10:30 tonight on FX 2.5 stars