Katy Perry and the two greatest things known to man: Simpsons and puppets

"The Simpsons" Christmas episode looks to be pretty awesome and it has nothing to do with guest star Katy Perry. I think Matt Groening has been raiding my dreams "Inception" style because the holiday episode will feature all our favorite Springfield residents in a live-action episode as puppets. There's nothing cooler than our favorite four-fingered yellow cartoons transforming into puppets!

Remember Olivia Munn as Greta in the season four premiere of "Chuck" last week? She was the sexy Nerd Herder agent in the short skirt. Well, EW reports she won't be reprising the role as the Greta character will be played by a revolving group of male and female actors. Future Gretas included Isiah Mustafa (the Old Spice guy), the prettiest Terminator Summer Glau, and wrestler/model Stacy Keibler. The Keibler episode will also mark the return of Nicole Richie in the only good thing she's ever done.