It's funny how some bands make it into the canon and others get left on history's cutting room floor. Thus, although I never listened to 90s indie rock during the actual 1990s, I was able to easily stumble into the likes of Pavement, Built to Spill and Guided by Voices later through the magic of mass media. However, I'd be pretending if I said I knew a thing about Philadelphia's Strapping Fieldhands before Cafe Bourbon Street, 2216 Summit St., booked them for tonight. Turns out they're one of those cult favorite indie bands from the first era of Siltbreeze Records, the label famously revived in 2005 to put out Times New Viking's debut "Dig Yourself".

You know a band of note is in town when a lineup of locals this solid has been assembled to welcome them. Necropolis, Guinea Worms and The Ferals (a new garage rock combo featuring Grafton's Lou Poster and the Tough and Lovely's Lara Yazvac) will all perform alongside the Fieldhands for a mere $5. I imagine music will kick off shortly after 10 p.m. It's a good night to bounce back and forth between Bobo and The Summit to see as many bands as possible, SXSW style. See y'all there.