A pensive James Badge Dale in "Rubicon"

Okay, it should probably be titled "What to Watch Sunday" because nothing good (except football) is on any other time this weekend. Anyway, Sunday night is packed with excellent TV--premiere of "Boardwalk Empire," the highly underrated and under watched "Rubicon" and of course "Mad Men."

"Boardwalk Empire" is so compelling you'll want to to consider getting your HBO subscription back and AMC's "Rubicon" is the best conspiracy series, ever. But, if you haven't been watching don't try to jump in now. Catch up OnDemand first--if your cable network has AMC OnDemand. Mine does not. And, then there's this excellent season of "Mad Men." Best yet?

The biggest problem with Sunday night is all these shows are on at the same time. "Boardwalk Empire's" 75 minute pilot at 9 p.m. means missing all of "Rubicon" (also 9 p.m. on AMC) and the beginning of "Mad Men" at 10 p.m. Make sure to set your DVR (or VCR if you're into that sort of thing).