The 1920s are the new 1960s, at least on TV. After trying to dress like Don Draper for the last four years, I've got a new guy-style icon to emulate: Nucky Johnson, the Prohibition crime boss played by Steve Buscemi on "Boardwalk Empire."

Nucky's wardrobe of colorful three-piece suits (and tuxes) goes way beyond the demure grey two-pieces of "Mad Men." As befits a bootlegger of his standing, Nucky seemingly has an endless supply of matching shirts-ties-suits in complimentary hues. Also, love the wingtip shoes. Helpfully, Elizabeth Valleau has been following the Boardwalk fashion all season on Esquire's Style Bog. The only thing missing is a shopping guide pointing me to where I can actually buy this stuff without a time machine.

Oh, and another reason to love the 1920s: In last night's episode Gretchen Mol made rhubarb pie!