Uwe Boll, widely considered one of the worst filmmakers ever, has decided to parody his own craptastic "Bloodrayne" franchise with his new film "Blubberella." Boll, most famous for challenging his critics to a boxing match, is now apparently aware of that his movies are bad and is mocking them.

I'm not quite sure why a director would release two movies at the same time with one poking fun at the other, but understanding Boll is complicated. Anyway, "Blubberella" seems to trade purely in fat jokes while forgetting to parody the bad acting, storytelling, dialog, etc. of the "Bloodrayne" movies.

I'm guessing Boll believes he's made a hilarious comedy that turns out to be anything but funny while "Bloodrayne: The Third Reich" looks like an absolute laugh riot. Check out both trailers below.