AMC has announced there will be a second season of the zombie epic "The Walking Dead." The first two episodes have drawn big ratings and mostly positive reviews. It should turn out to be one of the best TV series this year, given the caveat it returns to the excellence of the pilot.

AMC may have been hedging its bets by ordering only six episodes for the first season, but it will be a full 13 episodes for the second outing. There is no scheduled air date for the season two.

On a side note, this doesn't bode well for AMC's other new series, "Rubicon," which aired its finale a couple of weeks ago but has yet to get a second season order. "Rubicon" had low ratings despite being an excellent conspiracy thriller and with the huge success of "the Walking Dead," it could be on the chopping block.

"The Walking Dead" is expensive to produce but has proved that a cable series can draw a big audience. Thus, "Rubicon" has no excuse for it's low ratings and it's budget could be used to add the extra seven episodes of "The Walking Dead." Hopefully, AMC will find it in their hearts (and pockets) to produce both series.