"Terriers" is the best new show of the year, as those who've been watching already know, but the problem is not many are tuning in. Well, now those devoted few have a chance to speak up for the show's second season renewal.

Fans can send emails to user@fxnetworks.com and plead your case for more "Terriers." According to the show's composer (and maestro of its fantastic theme song) Robert Duncan, FX is tallying these emails in consideration for a second season.

If you've missed any, or all, of this season's 11 episodes, I highly recommend downloading them on iTunes. “Terriers” has been fantastic since the get-go and I became even more impressed as the story progressed. If you catch up in time for the final two episodes starting next Wednesday, you'll be more than pleased with how things get wrapped up. FX is also tallying these downloads when considering the show's renewal.

Hopefully the fans come out and support this show because it’s the best opening season of any FX series—including the landmark first season from “Rescue Me.” Also, FX needs “Terriers” as much as “Terriers” needs FX. The network knows what a exceptional show they have on their hands and just need a financial justification for more episodes.

The cable network has produced some of the finest scripted television for the past decade, but now they are searching for the next great drama. “The Shield” is finished and “Rescue Me” is wrapping things up in 2011 after being nowhere near as brilliant as it was in the beginning. Even their biggest hit “Sons of Anarchy” has seen a significant drop in quality from season two to three.

Therefore, “Terriers” could represent the future of FX because even though the ratings haven’t been great, the word of mouth has been very strong. If there is a second season, I expect a huge ratings jump after people catch up on DVD. In fact, I predict “Terriers” will follow the same path “Mad Men” did—low ratings early on followed by enormous success.