Most of you may have heard that the fictional ad man Roger Sterling (John Slattery) from "Mad Men" has recently published his memoirs. Pitched as “a commentary on mid-century America,” from Sterling's perspective, the book, "Sterling’s Gold: The Wit And Wisdom Of An Ad Man, Roger Sterling" is really more of an outlet for all of Mr. Martini's witty one-liners.

This isn't the first time a fictional character has "written" a book and AV Club has a run down of the 30 greatest books written by TV's favorite personalities. Some I was aware of--"Chris-In-The-Morning: Love, Life, and The Whole Karmic Enchilada" by "Northern Exposure's" philosophical poet DJ Chris Stevens (John Corbett) or "Reading Sucks: The Collected Works of Beavis and Butt-Head." There are others I never knew existed--the three "Twin Peaks" books. It's a pretty awesome list, but struggling writers please stay away. You're depressed enough and don't need to know which cartoon characters have book deals.