The lovable Jorge Garcia, who played the even more lovable Hurley on "Lost," is back together with J.J. Abrams for his upcoming series "Alcatraz." Garcia will star as Dr. Diego Soto, the world's foremost expert on the island prison, who's tasked with heading up an FBI team that must track down a group of prisoners and guards who disappeared from Alcatraz 30 years ago and reappear in the present day. The "Alcatraz" pilot is scheduled to air on Fox in mid-September of 2011.

"Alcatraz" seems to have many of the same trappings as "Lost"--mystery, time-travel, an island. And, networks have tried (and failed) to replicate the serialized, mythology-laden story that captivated "Lost" fans with recent duds "Flash Forward" and "The Event." Hopefully, "Alcatraz" will be something closer to the quality of "Fringe" than Abrams' spy series"Undercovers" which failed miserably on earlier this fall.