This morning, I had never heard of Monster Rally. But after encountering Ted Feighan's Bandcamp page through a tip from Way Yes' Glenn Davis, I can't wait to hear what Feighan does next. In the meantime, he was kind enough to answer some questions over e-mail.

Alive: How long has this project existed? Ted Feighan: I started Monster Rally in May of this year. I had been thinking a lot about wanting to create music that was sort of like tropical hip-hop. I've been collecting exotica and tropical records by Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman etc. for a few years now and during that time I always thought about sampling them. I wanted to create songs that sounded like they were from an old album that never really existed.

Were you in any other projects/bands before this? When I was in high school and for a few years after I was in a band called Driver Side Impact. Very, very different from what I'm doing now but it was a good experience. We were on Victory Records and we did a good bit of touring, but I have to admit I was happy to leave the band when I did. My musical process now is completely different, as is the way of getting it out to people. I think people are in the right mindset for the music I'm making now. A lot of people have said my music is 'chillwave' and I understand where their coming from, its very 'chill', but its not 'chillwave'.

How old are you? What part of town do you live in? I'm 23 and recently moved into the Short North neighborhood.

What do you do for a living? I'm currently finishing my degree in printmaking at OSU.

What equipment/source material do you use to make the music? All of my music is based on samples. I usually go to thrift stores or record stores and flip through their LPs. I pick and choose the ones I want; most often based on their cover art. I'm especially interested in records from places around the world. I use a lot of Indian and African records on my new LP. I also have a large collection of older travel books from the 60s and 70s and those inspire me as well. Sometimes I'll look at a picture and try to create the music that I think those people would be listening to.

Do you have plans for more releases soon? I just finished my full length LP and its coming out in January on Gold Robot Records, which is an awesome little label run out of Oakland, CA. It's mostly new material with a few of my favorite songs from the "Palm Reader" and "Color Sky" EPs.

Any desire/plans to perform live? I definitely plan to play a few shows here in Columbus before the end of the year. And then many more once the LP comes out.