James Franco has been all over the arts scene this year, proving he's more than just a good actor with a pretty face. He's about to extend that reputation to film as a New Frontier artist at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. His project is titled "Three's Company: The Drama."

Oy. Is nothing sacred?

"'Three's Company: The Drama' is a multi-media examination of the classic '70s sitcom.... In this piece James Franco hopes to pull television from the box and view it from 'a slightly oblique perspective,'" according to Sundance's press release.

I'm a little nervous about this one, Mr. Franco. A dramatic "Three's Company"? That sounds like turning the Macarena into interpretive dance. The best part about that show was its non-drama (and John Ritter... sad).

Honestly, though, Franco had me at "Got a cigarette?" as Daniel in "Freaks and Geeks." So no judgment here until the final product is out. (Sidenote: I'm totally pumped that the Johnny Cash Project also was named a New Frontier project.)