With the season finale of "Terriers" airing Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX, the creators (Ted Griffin, Shawn Ryan, and Tim Minear) have posted a thank you to all the fans for their support on Hitfix. Go read it--it's really nice.

"Terriers" has been marred by low ratings despite being the best show this fall and FX is taking emails from viewers who want to see it get a second season. I encourage everyone to send you pleads for renewal to user@fxnetworks.com with the title Save "Terriers."

I've spent a number of posts praising the brilliance of "Terriers" for the last few weeks and even wrote a piece about why everyone should be watching this show.

If you've never watched "Terriers," or missed any episodes, I highly recommend catching up on Hulu or iTunes before the finale. If you a die-hard fan, re-watch the episodes on these sites because FX is tallying those numbers along with the emails in considering the show's renewal.

As a former process server, this was my favorite moment of "Terriers" and perfectly captures the extraordinarily hilarious, yet subtle dialog between Hank (Donal Logue) and Brit (Michael Raymond-James).

Here's a preview of the Wednesday night finale.