There's now a Toronto-based reality show "Lake Shore" that looks like the worst possible combination of "Jersey Shore" and "The Real World." It's basically a group of eight "sexy" housemates who drink gallons of Grey Goose, go shirtless, workout and fight.

Here's where it separates itself from the usual dreck on MTV: The housemates are all from different ethnic backgrounds--"the Vietnamese, the Pole, the Armenian, the Italian, the Jew, the Czech, the Turk and the token 'gay' guy who's also Lebanese."

This design leads to broad stereotyping, battles between the cast and some homophobic and anti-Semitic rants. It is truly the worst depiction of men and women ever and I only watched the eight-minute extended preview. So, it will most surely be a massive hit.

I personally love the cast's nicknames--the Asian girl is Annie Mei, the Italian is Joey Violin (original) and the the Czech is Tommy Hollywood. I personally think Tommy Toronto has a nice ring to it and is far more appropriate, given the location. Anyway, waste eight minutes of your life watching the "sizzle reel" and try not to be offended.