"The Moon Totem" by Bruce New

I interviewed artist Bruce New for a preview in this week's paper about Saturday's Gallery Hop. His stuff didn't make the story, but the romantic in me can't resist talking about him.

New, who lives in Richmond, Kentucky, creates strong visual collages out of old texts and colored ink pens. Each image is a "document of my wife, Robin, and our lives together," he says. "I'm trying to make meaning, some kind of record of our existence together."

However, love isn't a word that will pop into your head when you see his work, but that's what's so cool about it. Re-purposed body parts are focal points for many of the pieces, and included is everything from supernatural shape shifters to moons to numerological texts -- all are in the vocabulary of the couple.

You will pick up on other themes of spouse Robin; birds and allusions to flight abound, and there are a lot of Native American references (from which his wife descends).

I guess this is the painterly equivalent to a dissonant love song being written about you.

Tomorrow's Hop is the last day to see his 18-piece exhibit at Lindsay Gallery. Check it out.