How can a film with Brad Pitt and an image like this be boring, you ask?!

I don't normally read the Trending Topics on Twitter (for those of you without an account, these are tracked words or phrases that have occurred most frequently in users' posts throughout the day). They're either offensive, not clever, in a foreign language or have about 100 of the alotted 140 characters taken up with expletives.

However, today's tweets of boring movies have been anything but.

Twitterers taking it seriously have been voting all day for "Avatar," "Lord of the Rings," "Titanic" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." There's also been the usual resounding hate for "Twilight."

Here are some of the more entertaining #boringmovies:

"Pride and Prejudice and Health Care Reform"

"harry potter and the time he left his wand at home"

"The Business Traveler's Wife"

"Fight Club Sandwich"

"The Empire Scornfully Looks Back"