The guys of Alive are really stepping up their mustache-growing game. We're looking so good this week, we decided to name our 'staches (check it out below). In fact, we're kinda getting used to the stylishly rugged look around the office. Maybe our campaign won't end at the end of the month ...

Beyond being super-manly, of course, the 'staches are in support of Movember , a campaign to raise awareness and dough for men's health. Proceeds benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. You can get hooked up with the local effort on Facebook.

Check back next week for the exciting conclusion to Alive's 'stache attack against cancer!

The Intimidator

Selleck Jr.

The Gunion

The Trans Am

Raging Bull

The Flanders

1 O'Clock Shadow

The Cogburn