Well, it's officially the saddest day of the year for this TV critic. "Terriers," the best new show in years, has been canceled. FX cited the low ratings--around 500,000 per episode--as the cause for not renewing the series.

This is just another example of a wonderful series going criminally unnoticed and getting axed after only one season. But, at least we got one really great season out of it all. So, if you've never watched "Terriers," or missed any episodes, go buy it on DVD. I promise you won't be disappointed...until you get to the end and realize there won't be anymore new episodes.

So, here's some parting videos. First, is the extended version of "Terriers" awesome theme song. In the second video, Hank's (Donal Logue) mood pretty much sums up how I feel today--"the bath water's out of the tub."