Why does Omar have to take the blame?

In a life imitating art moment that further proves the incompetence and obtuseness of Baltimore city officials, Baltimore’s Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld says "The Wire" was "An incredible smear on this city that will take us decades to overcome."

Uh, last time I checked it was the exorbitant amount of violent and drug-related crime in Baltimore that was an incredible smear on the city, but Bealefeld in entitled to his opinions. Equating Baltimore's negative reputation to "The Wire" is like saying Detroit gets a bad rap for "Robocop." Except that "The Wire" is an excellent true-to-life treatise on Baltimore's ( or really, any U.S. metropolitan area) inner city problems and "Robocop" is merely Paul Verhoeven's attempt to disguise graphic violence under the veil of dystopian urban decay.

Anyway, "The Wire" creator David Simon fired back in a letter to The Baltimore Sun saying:

"Others might reasonably argue, however that it is not sixty hours of The Wire that will require decades for our city to overcome, as the commissioner claims. A more lingering problem might be two decades of bad performance by a police agency more obsessed with statistics than substance, with appeasing political leadership rather than seriously addressing the roots of city violence, with shifting blame rather than taking responsibility."

Take that, Baltimore PD!