Photo not from the D & D episode.

NBC's quirky, meta comedy "Community" is probably best known for it's concept episodes (paintball, zombies, Christmas claymation) and will feature a Dungeon & Dragons-themed episode later in season 2.

For a Dungeon & Dragons episode, you would probably expect the study group would be decked out in full-on L.A.R.P. attire and battling each other as wizards and warriors, but that's not the case. (I apologize to role-play gamers if this is an incorrect characterization of D & D, but I've never played it and I'm purely going off what I remember as a kid from the cartoon.)

Instead, the episode will feature the study group just actually playing Dungeons & Dragons for the entire episode. This may seem like a boring concept, but anyone who remembers the bottle episode about Annie's (Allison Brie) stolen purple pen knows how great an episode of "Community" can be when it's just the group hanging out and bantering back and forth.

"Community" is having a nice follow to its excellent freshman season, especially the half dozen episodes leading to the winter break. Those featured more focus on the group's emotions and motivations giving the show some pathos to compliment its meta humor and genre-spoofing hilarity.

"Community's" panel discussion at TCA (Television Critic's Association) Press Tour indicates we'll get more episodes focusing on the group and less genre stuff for two reasons. Joel McHale pointed out that the show is really about the characters, and you always seen a good amount of character development in the genre episodes, like Britta (Gillian Jacobs) and Jeff's (McHale) culmination of a season's worth of sexual tension in the paintball episode. And, creator Dan Harmon said a lot of the budget was spent on the zombie and spaceship episodes.