Fox's upcoming horror drama "Locke & Key," produced by "Fringe" creators Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman, has cast Nick Stahl. Stahl is best known for playing John Connor in the third "Terminator" movie, but has done other lesser known, and far more stellar, work in "Bully" (the follow-up from "Kids" auteur Larry Clark) and HBO's depression era epic "Carnivale."

Abrams & Co. side note: any fan of "Lost's" mythology would love "Carnivale," although they may be similarly disappointed as it was canceled early--and unjustly--after only two seasons. But, "Carnivale" was a magnificent story for two seasons...and had carnies.

Anyway, Fox seems to love the "Fringe" team of J.J. Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman as they've already ordered a pilot of Abrams’ "Alcatraz" (starring "Lost's" Jorge Garcia) and "Locke & Key" is building a strong cast with Stahl and Miranda Otto ("The Lord of the Rings" trilogy). Fox has also said they will give the showrunners the proper time prepping “Locke & Key” and will probably push its original May air date back to the fall.

Based on the graphic novel by Joe Hill, "Locke & Key" is the story of Nina Locke (Otto) and her three children who move to the childhood home of their deceased patriarch Rendell Locke after his brutal murder. Unfortunately, the house is haunted by a malevolent spirit who torments the family. Stahl will play Rendell's brother, Duncan, who lives nearby and I'm guessing is a key to unlocking the mysteries of the family and their home.