Here's my breakdown of last night's Golden Globes' television awards (full list of winners and nominees here). First off, let’s all admit that the Golden Globes is more about kissing celebrity butt than honoring the best work of the year, and last night was no exception. Well, other than Ricky Gervais who got some wonderful shots at the Hollywood Foreign Press and Hollywood's elite.

In the Drama field, "Boardwalk Empire” won two Globes for Best Series and Best Actor (Steve Buscemi). Now, "Boardwalk Empire" is an excellent series, but not even close to the best. And, Buscemi is good as Knucky Thompson , but he's probably the third or fourth best performance on the HBO drama.

Best Actor should have gone to either Jon Hamm ("Mad Men") or Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad) and, of the nominees, "Mad Men" should have won Best Series. By the way, this was the first year the HFPA recognized Cranston with a nomination despite winning the last three Emmys. And, leaving "Breaking Bad" off the nominations is a travesty.

Katey Sagal finally got some love for her excellent work on "Sons of Anarchy" winning Best Actress, but it was a year late. She should have won every award out there for her performance in season 2, and it seems like the voters were trying to make up for ignoring Sagal last year.

Of the nominees, Elisabeth Moss ("Mad Men") should have won hands down. Her killer work in "The Suitcase" episode alone was better than anything from her competition (which unfortunately included Piper Perabo!?).

One the comedy side, I was so underwhelmed by the nominations that I really didn't care who won. Starz's “Party Down,” FX's "Louie" and NBC's "Community" and "Parks and Recreation" deserved awards recognition in all categories, even though I know it will never happen.

Anyway, "Glee" winning for Best Comedy is ridiculous, especially given how bad it's been in season 2. And, I know Jim Parsons ("Big Bang Theory") won the Emmy, but I just don't find him funny. I'm okay with Laura Linney ("The Big C") winning as she was the best of the nominations.

Finally, in the supporting categories the HFPA lumps together comedy and drama series with mini-series and TV movies. I have no idea why this is done and how you compare a comedic actor's work with a dramatic one.

"Glee" had both supporting winners--Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer. I would've liked to see Kelly McDonald win here as she was the lone "Boardwalk Empire" nominee that deserved a win. And, how Eric Stonestreet ("Modern Family") got beat by Colfer is beyond me.