Andrew Graham

The honorable Philip Kim tipped me off to new music from Andrew Graham and Swarming Branch streaming on MySpace for your listening pleasure. Click through to hear "Holy Joeys, Congnoscenti, Tar Babies and Love", "The Pounce" and "Final Boss".

If the titles alone don't pique your interest, perhaps reports of their sonic splendor will. Graham's Bob Dylan/Lou Reed enunciated storytelling remains intact, but his band's arrangements are more luscious and ripe than ever. He seems to have abandoned the no-chords policy of "Andrew Graham's Good Word", much to the benefit of his intelligent stomp and sway. Tales of QVC, faux intellectuals and video game hegemony come alive with rich, warm arrangements. Listeners who loved "Good Word" will dig this, and those who passed on that record will probably enjoy it too. Here's to Mr. Graham's continued artistic evolution.