It started as pretty girls just wanting pretty pictures of themselves taken. "Seriously," says Cheryl Harrison, "but from a vain idea came a great project."

Harrison and 11 other Columbus ladies star in the months of the Calendar Girls 2011 project. "One of the girls in our group is affected with epilepsy, so we decided to use our talents and our networks and, let's be honest, our hot photos to raise money for epilepsy research," she says. Proceeds from the calendar's sales will go to awareness and research for the disease.

The Calendar Girls are having a launch party today at the Social Room from 7 to 10 p.m., which will feature specials of $3 pizzas, $1 hamburgers and $8 martinis. You can also purchase the calendar -- which has photo of the girls "that showcase their individual personalities. There's a trampoline, a football player, a rock star" -- here.