MTV's new scripted—yes scripted—drama "Skins" premiered Monday night and is already drawing fire from the Parents Television Council who call it, “the most dangerous program that has ever been foisted on your children.” Now even MTV (producers of such fine programming as "Jersey Shore" and "The Hills") is worried the series maybe too risqué and even worse be construed as child pornography.

"Skins" is adapted from the same-named British series and is actually less racy than the original, but a particular scene from the third episode showing a 17-year old cast member's (Jesse Carere) bare butt has already been cut. I've seen the first four episodes (which I liked), and didn't find anything particularly offensive. The cut scene showed Carere running down the street naked after he'd been locked out of his own house due to a series of darkly comic, yet tragic circumstances.

The show does trade in depicting teen life in all its sex and drugs debauchery, but for many this is what adolescence is actually like. So, don’t dismiss the series as purely hedonistic because it has some redeeming qualities and it would be quite a stretch to call "Skins" child pornography. But, the scene has been cut anyway, so you no longer have to worry about Chris Hanson popping out while watching the show.