Now that I have your attention ...

Here's why I like Natalie Portman. She's an odds-on Oscar favorite for "Black Swan," and her next two movies are both raunchy comedies.

I was already looking forward to the medieval stoner comedy "Her Highness." And now I'm interested in the Ivan Reitman-directed "No Strings Attached."

NSFW (unless your workplace is cool with Ashton Kutcher's bare ass and bad words) trailer here:

Yes, I'm aware that Ashton Kutcher is in this movie, but the guy's reasonably affable and funny. Speaking of affable and funny, there's also Greta Gerwig (awesome in "Greenberg") and Mindy Kaling from "The Office."

Could go either way, but I'm on-board. "No Strings Attached" hits theaters on January 21.