This morning's announcement of the Oscar nominees were met with ... almost zero shock whatsoever. No stunning snubs. Not really any dark horse nods. Status quo rules the day, ho-hum.

The British drama "The King's Speech" lead the pack with 12 nominations. Not the hugest of surprises, as the film was as classic of a case of Oscar-baiting as we've seen this year.

The second year of the 10-deep Best Picture category didn't offer any shockers, either: Black Swan The Fighter Inception The Kids Are All Right The King's Speech 127 Hours The Social Network Toy Story 3 True Grit Winter's Bone

Fortunately nothing quite as laughable at "The Blind Side" snuck in there. (That flick is still a Lifetime Movie of the Week, in my book.)

My favorite surprise of the day? John Hawkes' scene-stealing turn in "Winter's Bone" getting a nod. Jennifer Lawrence is deservedly getting most of the hype from that film, but Hawkes is terrifyingly good in limited time.

The most egregious snubs:

Ryan Gosling not getting nominated for "Blue Valentine" was a bit of a shock. It's the sort of varied, emotionally wrenching performance the Academy usually loves.

Andrew Garfield not getting a supporting nod for "The Social Network" was disappointing, if not unexpected. It was probably a bit too understated for the flashy category, but his importance to one of the best movies of the year shouldn't be overlooked.

And I know the Academy is all old and lame and everything, but how cool would it have been for Daft Punk to get in there for their "Tron: Legacy" score? I was already disappointed that Clint Mansell was disqualified for his haunting "Black Swan" score.

No matter. I will be rooting for Trent Reznor anyway.

You now have a month to prepare for the February 27 telecast, which will be boring because it won't feature Ricky Gervais.

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