Yesterday, NBC's "Wonder Woman" reboot from "Harry's Law" creator David E. Kelly, (also of "Ally McBeal" fame) found it's Wonder Woman in Adrianne Palicki ("Friday Night Lights," "Lone Star"). An early draft of the pilot indicates Kelly's idea of Wonder Woman means when she's not doing the whole superhero thing, she's also a high-powered L.A. executive who pines for her ex-boyfriend and has pajama parties with her best gal pal. And, likes "Now That's What I Call Music."

I like the casting decision of Palicki, who is both talented and sexy, but Mr. Michelle Pfeiffer's vision of Wonder Woman seems to be absurdly campy, and catering to the lowest common denominator of television viewers. Then again, Kelly's current show "Harry's Law" which I hammered in this week's issue is both simplistic in its premise and ridiculous in its execution and still draws good ratings.

Kelly's knack for creating slightly "eccentric" characters in an unoriginal, yet unrealistic, world seems to be a hit with audiences, but rarely results in compelling television. I hope "Wonder Woman" turns out better than its original concept because Palicki deserves a show that's not consistently on the chopping block.