Even though the cult favorite was unjustly canceled and any chance of a movies seems unlikely doesn't mean you can't enjoy a version of "Arrested Development" Clue. It's not an actual board game, but you can print off the game board and pieces at pleated-jeans.com and have hours of fun figuring out who killed your favorite "Arrested Development" characters using hilarious instruments of death from the show (see below). By the way, Pleated Jeans is a fun way to waste some time at work, so you should spend some time checking it out.

In related news, "Arrested Development" (and oft-canceled television series) creator Mitch Hurwitz published an article in The Guardian breaking down the best ways to get a television show canceled. It's a nice example of Hurwitz's ego-based humor. Here's a sample:

"Audiences like nicely dressed characters. They also enjoy nudity. Split the difference by putting your character in a pair of cut-offs and call him a Never-Nude. Advanced: feel free to dip him in a vat of blue paint. That's a real turn-off."