Jason Isaacs in "Brotherhood" Two of the most sought-after actors this pilot season, Keifer Sutherland and Jason Isaacs, have joined two highly anticipated TV series. Sutherland ("24"), an A-list star who tops just about every producers wish list, has signed on to Fox's "Touch." Jason Isaacs ("Brotherhood") isn't necessarily a household name, yet has been courted by just about every new series, has signed on NBC's "REM."

"Touch," from "Heroes" creator Tim Kring, is about a father (Sutherland) who discovers his autistic son can predict the future. "Touch" looks to be a midseason addition due to other commitments for Sutherland and with the pedigree on board, it will most likely get a pick-up order. Although, with Kring things could get bad real quick. Remember what happened to "Heroes" after the first season?

"REM" is from Kyle Killen, creator of the abruptly canceled critic's darling "Lone Star," and looks to be another ambitious series that may or may not make it. It's billed as "an 'Inception'-style thriller" about a cop (Isaacs) who after an accident finds he's living it two different realities. I like the premise, Killen as creator and Isaacs is an incredible strong presence on screen. Forget Lucius Malfoy, anyone who's ever seen "Brotherhood" knows how awesomely menacing Isaacs can be.

But, the trouble is the creative team behind "REM" doesn't have very good luck. Besides Killen, Tim Minear will serve as a consulting producer (and hopefully write any flashback episodes). You may remember Minear's name from cult favorites like "Terriers," "Firefly" and "Wonderfalls" that never made it past one season. Hopefully, Killen and Minear have better luck this time they deserve it.