The most hyped rapper alive right now has to be Tyler, The Creator, the ringleader of L.A. devil children Odd Future. And for good reason: Tyler is sick in all senses of the word.

His last album, "Bastard", became a dark horse critical favorite last fall after the Odd Future collective built a huge online buzz through its steady stream of MP3s and videos, many of which depict the skateboarding teens imbibing various controlled substances, acting a fool and watching their bodies revolt. Check Earl Sweatshirt's somewhat disturbing "Earl" video for a prime example.

Last week Tyler released the similarly unsettling and simply brilliant video for "Yonkers", the lead single from his next album, "Goblin". Now comes word that "Goblin" will be released via a one-album deal with XL Recordings, home of Radiohead, Vampire Weekend and Adele among others. Thus ends a bidding war that supposedly included Interscope and other heavy hitters.

Anyway, download "Bastard" (it was released online for free, so it ain't piracy) and watch the "Yonkers" video, but be prepared for some seriously transfixing NSFW content. And watch Odd Future backed by the Roots on Jimmy Fallon tonight. "Time To Scare White America."