The Parents Television Council has been campaigning against MTV's "Skins" since before it even aired its first episode. Now the conservative lobbying group is asking state attorney generals to investigate the series for violating child pornography laws.

MTV has already examined "Skins"--a show with prolific amounts of teens doing drugs and having sex--to see if it does, in fact, violate these laws. They found an episode featuring a 17-year old actor's bare behind could be in violation, and thus pulled the scene from airing.

While I'm sure parents--especially conservative ones--hate "Skins" and forbid their kids from watching it, it's definitely not child pornography. This is just another tactic by the PTC to smear the series. The PTC has been successful in their campaign so far as a number of advertisers have pulled out.

But, all the "negative" press towards "Skins" generated by the PTC has probably had the reverse effect on teens. By telling them there's tons of drinking, drugs and sex, aren't they more likely to tune in and check it out? Well, the video below from Funny or Die has your answer.

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