Radiohead had planned to release their eighth album, "The King of Limbs", this Saturday. That's tomorrow. But then they got all impatient and decided to release it Friday. That's today!

Head to to purchase the album; those who pre-ordered it can access their download through the "Order Tracking" link.

Physical U.S. release date is March 29 in U.S. on TBD Records. The rest of the world gets it March 28. It will be available on CD and 12-inch vinyl, plus digital, but you can already get it digital now, duh.

Also, above you can watch the video for track 5, "Lotus Flower". It features lots of really obnoxious dancing by Thom Yorke, ripe for the meme-ing.

Also, here's the tracklist:

1. Bloom 2. Morning Mr Magpie 3. Little by Little 4. Feral 5. Lotus Flower 6. Codex 7. Give Up the Ghost 8. Separator