Showtime just sent out a press release announcing there will be second seasons of "Shameless" and "Episodes." I'm more than pleased, and not really surprised, that we're getting another season of "Shameless." I've fawned over the series—about a horrible, absent, drunken father (William H. Macy) whose eldest daughter (Emmy Rossum) takes charge of the younger five children in South Side Chicago—since it premiered. And, I recently re-recommended it here. Anyway, if you're not watching "Shameless" you really should. Or, at least Netflix when it comes out on DVD. You'll be hooked and as excited about a second season as I am.

Now, with "Episodes" I'm less exuberant about a second season of "Episodes." The first season was enjoyble, but not altogether great. Matt LeBlanc is quite good parodying himself on the show, but I found the two protagonists — English showrunners adapting their series for American audiences — to be annoying at times.